What is auditor?

The purpose of auditor is to provide an easy and standardized way to collect audit logs.


This library is architected around two concepts:

  • Auditing services responsible for collecting audit events
  • Storage services responsible for persisting audit traces

Those two kind of services are offered by Providers.

Default provider

A default provider is included with this library: DoctrineProvider

DoctrineProvider offers both auditing services and storage services. It creates audit logs for all Doctrine ORM database related changes:

  • inserts and updates including their diffs and relation field diffs.
  • many to many relation changes, association and dissociation actions.
  • if available, the user responsible for these changes and his IP address are recorded.
  • audit entries are inserted within the same transaction during flush event so that even if something fails the global state remains clean.

DoctrineProvider supports following RDBMS

  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite

DoctrineProvider should work with any other database supported by Doctrine. Though, we can only really support the ones we can test with Travis CI / Github actions.

Basically you can track any change of any entity from audit logs.