How to upgrade to a newer version

Jump to the Upgrading from a previous version section if you're not upgrading from DoctrineAuditBundle

Upgrading from DoctrineAuditBundle

DoctrineAuditBundle is now deprecated since it has been split into two separate packages

  • auditor the core library
  • auditor-bundle a Symfony bundle providing auditor integration into Symfony applications

So, upgrading from DoctrineAuditBundle to auditor + auditor-bundle requires a few steps

1. Configuration file

Create a new configuration file dh_auditor.yaml (full configuration reference available here)

Minimal config file:

    enabled: true
            table_prefix: ~
            table_suffix: '_audit'

2. Add auditor-bundle as a dependency

Run the following command in a console

composer require damienharper/auditor-bundle ^4.0

3. Fix annotation namespace changes

Replace the use statement related to Audit annotation to reference the new namespace in your entities.

- use DH\DoctrineAuditBundle\Annotation as Audit;
+ use DH\Auditor\Provider\Doctrine\Auditing\Annotation as Audit;

4. Fix route name changes

Reference the new routes in the config/routes.yaml

- dh_doctrine_audit:
-     resource: "@DHDoctrineAuditBundle/Controller/"
-     type: annotation
+ dh_auditor:
+     resource: "@DHAuditorBundle/Controller/"
+     type: annotation

Route names have been renamed, change them accordingly in your code. You'll find below a summary of route name changes.

Before (DoctrineAuditBundle route name) After (auditor-bundle route name)
dh_doctrine_audit_list_audits dh_auditor_list_audits
dh_doctrine_audit_show_transaction dh_auditor_show_transaction
dh_doctrine_audit_show_entity_history dh_auditor_show_entity_history

5. AuditReader deprecation

AuditReader has been replaced by Reader and Query objects, so if you used it to query the audit logs, dive into the Querying audits section

6. Remove DoctrineAuditBundle

Run the following command in a console

composer remove damienharper/doctrine-audit-bundle

7. Ensure your schema is up to date

Check the Upgrading from a previous version below to ensure your schema is up to date.

Upgrading from a previous version

Once you upgraded the bundle to a newer version, you first have to be sure your current schema is up to date and upgrade it if necessary.

The following command does all of this for you:

# symfony < 3.4
app/console audit:schema:update --force
# symfony >= 3.4
bin/console audit:schema:update --force